plastic mold of stebro-mold:

stebro-mold is a full-service plastic injection mold maker. We are your one-stop injection molder with services ranging from prototype, design for manufacturability, mold design, mold manufacturer, assembly and packaging. No matter how complex or unusual, how large or small, your projects will receive the full attention of our experts. With the long experience in the plastic injection molding industry, we have the know-how and the skills to help you deliver your next plastic injection molding project.

Mold Making:
1, Die Casting
2, Over Mold
3, Insert Mold
4, Two Shot Mold
5, Hot Runner Mold
6, Precision Plastic Mold
7, Single Cavity or Family Molds
8, Small to Large Plastic Injection Molds
9, High Volume Production or Prototype Molds
10, Complex Molds movements, Sliders in Sliders, Unscrew Molds

Stebro Mold Co., Ltd