Full service Custom Injection Mold & Plastic Part Manufacturer capable of providing any service your project requires from design concept to finished product.

Plastic Part Design services

Stebro Mold part designers and project managers work with you to optimize the plastic product design and development for Injection Molding. We also can do the re-engineering 3D part design based on your samples. We will check the Plastic Material, Wall Thickness, Fillets and Radii, Bosses, Ribbing, Holes and Coring, Thread, Undercut, Moulded-in Inserts, Tolerance, Shrinkage and Warpage to maximize the manufacturability of your products, saving you time and cost in plastic design , tooling and Injection molding.

1, Plastic Part Design & Development

2, 2D & 3D Part Design

3, Reverse engineering according to the samples

4, Material Selection

5, Design for Manufacturability


We provide plastic rapid prototyping services and complete product development. These services including CNC machining plastic parts, SLA plastic prototype , SLS plastic prototype and Vacuum Casting. Without the need of building a mold, rapid prototyping creates parts in a much quicker time frame and at cheaper prices, saving clients’ money and time.

1, CNC machining on the metal part

2, CNC machining on the plastic part

3, SLA plastic prototype

4, SLS plastic prototype

5, Vacuum Casting

Mold Making

We specialize in the design and production of high quality plastic tooling, injection molded plastic parts for export. Whether it is a simple single cavity pre-hard prototype mold or complex multi-cavity high volume class “A” production molds, we have good solution for you.

1, 2D & 3D Mold Design

2, Mold Flow Analysis

3, Mold Changes, Maintenance & Repair

4, Tooling transfer

5, Mold manufacturing for Molds with side-action cores, Single Cavity Molds, Multi-Cavity Molds, Unscrewing Molds, Insert Molds, Over Molds, Family Molds, Gas-Assist Mold, Two-Shot Molds, Hot Runner Molds, MUD insert mold and Prototype Molds 

Plastic Injection Molding

Stebro Mold is a full service custom mold maker and injection molding company capable of providing virtually any service your project requires from design concetp to finished product. Whether you just need a small quantity of plastic parts, or prototype parts to test the assembly or function, we have the good solution for you.

1, Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding

2, High Volume Plastic Injection Molding

3, Over Molding

4, Insert Molding

5, Gas-assisted Injection Molding

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