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How To Choose A Right Plastic Injection Molding Company in China?
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There are lots of plastic mold manufacturer and injection molding company in China, but how to choose the best plastic molding company that will offer reliable service at a competitive price? The right injection molding partner you choose can successfully direct the process from concept to finished product with high precision, little waste, and overall quality and cost-effectiveness. Whether you need a few hundred, or hundreds of thousands, of a single item, the right injection molding manufacturer can make it happen.


Some important things to look at when choosing a plastic injection molding company include:

1, Plastic Part Design Assistant

A good plastic injection molding supplier will analysis the current design, communicate the issues in advance and concerns that may arise in the production process and actions are taken to address the issue. Design engineers are trained to build the best possible design for the project. They have the expertise required to build molds that will produce the highest quantity and quality parts. They also give you suggestion on using the right plastic material. In the early stages of product development, refinements in design are often made. Working with a turnkey manufacturer, these changes can be made, reviewed, and refined within a short time frame.


2, Plastic Mold Design and Mold Manufacturing

A perfect plastic part begins with the plastic mold. The success of a mold manufacturer boils down to its ability to deliver high quality products at the shortest possible time and the lowest possible cost. Manufacturing the mold takes time and a great deal of accuracy. The mold manufacturer should make the molds totally according to the mold design. Mold design is a decisive factor for the plastic injection molding success such as dimension, location of the gate, cooling, venting and ejection. During the mold design stage, FEM and filling, warpage, cooling and flow analyzes help to create the optimization of constructive measures.


3, Injection Molding Process and Capacity

A palstic injection molding machine in different sizes can handle different parts. Some injection molding companies are able to fit special molds into their injection molding machines to create the best fit for every part. For example, Stebro Mold always use vertical injection molding machines to run the insert molded plastic parts. They also can run the high temperature parts in PEEK, PSU, PEI, PPS and PPA. Injection Molding Process control is also critical. It can help you achieve some goals: improved process quality, higher quality products and lower overall costs. It also can help you stay on the top of secondary aspects of your manufacturing process such as plastic mold life cycle and other equipment factors that play a role in different areas of your budget and overhead.


4, Quality Management System

COA (Certificate of Analysis), RoHS of the plastic raw material and masterbatch is very important. All raw materials are verfied for conformance upon receipt. After that, First Article Inspections (FAI), Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP) and statistical analyses are performed consistently.


5, Delivery Time

Time is an important consideration. The lead time for the mold manufacturing can take 4 to 12 weeks from the mold design confirmation to the mass production. It is also important to account for unexpected delays like unavailability of plastic material, shipping delays and so on. Tell your time line to your plastic injection molding supplier at the early stages of the project is important. This will help you gauge their production capacity and give you a realistic estimate of the time requirements.


From initial design, to prototyping, to design, manufacture and maintance injection molds, to injection molding production, to the finished product, Stebro Mold can help turn your idea into reality with cost effective and high quality in mind.

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