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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process step by step?
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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process Step by Step


Step 1 Preparation

Check the plastic injection mold such as the ejection system, cooling system and tooling structure before upload it on the injection molding machine. Prepare the plastic raw material. We may need dry the material to remove the moisture. The drying time and temperature is different for different material.


Step 2 Upload the plastic tooling

Upload the custom injection mold in the injection molding machine, connect the cooling system. Set up the injection mold temperature for the cavity and core side. Configure ejection system of the plastic tooling, mold opening distance in the injection machine. Check the plastic tooling structure and ejection system again.


Step 3 Check Robot and material feeding system

If we have to use Robot, then write the programme in the injection molding machines and connect the grippers to do the injection molding process automatically. Connect the plastic resin from dry system to feeder hopper of injection molding machine. Remove the old resin in the nozzle.


Step 4 Melting the material

The plastic injection molding process stages starts with the feeding of a polymer resin through hopper to barrel which is then heated with the sufficient temperature to make it flow.


Step 5 Injection Stage

Then the molten plastic which was melted will be injected under high pressure into the mold the process is commonly known as Injection.


Stage 6 Cooling Stage

After injection pressure will be applied to both platens of the injection molding machine(moving and fixed platens) in order to hold the mold tool together afterwards the product is set to cool which helps it in the solidification process.


Stage 7 Mold Open and Ejection

After the product gets its shape the two platens will move away from each other in order to separate the mold tool which is known as mold opening and finally the molded product is ejected or removed from the mold.


The plastic mold is closed and the injection molding process will repeat itself.

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