Plastic Mold Maker

Full Services Plastic Mold Manufacturer in China

Stebro Mold is a professional plastic mold maker and custom injection molding company in China. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality injection molding molds for Outdoor Power Equipment, Automotive, Medical, Electronic and other types of plastic products. From the initial part design stages through production and plastic tooling maintenance, your plastic injection molds quality is our top priority.

Design for Manufacturability

Each mold project begins with a detailed design for manufacturability (DFM) of injection molding report and is reviewed by the lead toolmaker, project manager, and injection molding process engineer. From this report, we will show you:

· General Information about Part data such as Part dimension, part weight, plastic material

· General Information about mold data such as mold steel, mold shrinkage, feed system, gate type

· Mold Layout and Mold Size

· Gate Locations

· Draft Angle Analysis

· Wall Thickness Analysis, Thick Section, Thin Section, Ribs/Bosses to Wall Thickness Ratio

· Parting lines

· Lifters or slides

· Warp Analysis

· Weld Lines

· Sink Areas

· Surface Finish

· Ejector Pin Locations

· Tolerances

· Shut-Off Conditions

· Thin Tool Conditions

then you can see how to optimize part design, our molding solution and potentially problematic areas of your plastic parts to minimize tooling costs, reduce design changes, expedite the manufacturing process and ensure part quality.

Mold Design

Mold designs are supported by Mold Flow Analysis, cooling analysis, deflection analysis, and finite element analysis.

Mold Construction

Stebro Mold produces a wide range of plastic injection mold from prototypes to complex final production molds. Our mold types include:

· Molds with side-action cores and lifters

· Single Cavity Molds, Multi-Cavity Molds, Family Molds

· Unscrewing Molds

· Insert Molds

Insert molds bring multiple materials and components together to create a single product. The process can use engineering plastics with metallic materials, which provide strength and conductivity. The insert is placed in the mold, either by hand or automation, before the material is injected into the mold. As material flows into undercut features in the insert, the insert is anchored more securely than if it were assembled. Vertical injection molding keeps the insert in position during the molding process.

· Over Molds

· Gas-Assist Mold

Techniques have been developed whereby inert gas nitrogen is injected into the still molten plastic in the mold cavity. Benefits of the gas-assist injection are as below:

Lower clamping force is needed.

Cycle times are reduced.

Less material is used, part weight was reduced.

Parts have greater strength and rigidity.

Dimensional stability is improved.

Molded-in stress is greatly reduced.

elimination of sink marks and warpage in heavily ribbed parts. 

· Two-Shot Molds, 2K Mold, Multi-component injection mold

2K mold is a cost-effective method to produce plastic parts with two or more colors molded at the same time, such as grips, handles and 

· Hot Runner Molds

· MUD insert mold

· Prototype molds, Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding Mold

Stebro Mold differs from the other Prototype or Low Volume injection molding companies. We have the experience and equipment to provide unparalleled speed, flexibility and support. We use our exceptional molding expertise to provide comprehensive technical guidance and tooling options for your project. We don’t just send a price estimate for a new project; we send an informed quote after learning about your needs. We pride ourselves on working closely with you from the start, making sure job specifications align with your project’s end goals. We’re also proud of our speed, providing 15-20 business day turnaround on injection mold tooling projects without sacrificing quality or precision.

Mold Manufacturing

Our internal master custom mold makers use Mikron high-speed CNC machines, Charmiles EDM machines, Sodick slow wire cut machines and Kent grinding machines to build molds that run automatically by the efficient design of ejection, cooling, and delegating systems. We take careful measures and the required steps to ensure your tooling produces high-quality components while maximizing the mold life.

Mold Maintenance and Mold Repair

Once an injection mold has run a set number of cycles; inspections, maintenance and cleaning should be performed. Regular maintenance and cleaning improve shot quality, which ensures consistent component quality. Injection mold repairs can be costly, so it is important for injection molds to receive regular maintenance, cleaning, and if necessary, repair, to protect your investment and maintain consistent production. At Stebro Mold, we stand behind our injection mold tooling. As long as the plastic injection mold remains with us we will guarantee that mold for life. There will be no repair or maintenance cost on your injection mold service in China.

Tooling Transfer

We understand yours needs to get your ideas and products to market faster than your competitor. Whether you are looking for a prototype mold in China to get parts quickly, a bridge mold to manufacture parts until your production mold is up and running, or a production mold capable of low or high run volumes, our in-house part design, CNC prototype, injection mold design, mould maker, and mold sampling ensures accurate plastic parts with the productivity you need. Having everything under one roof is extremely helpful in providing quicker lead times and keeping everything under our control. 

How to find a good plastic mold supplier in China?

You have to choose the right China mold factory from the beginning

There are hundreds of thousands of plastic mold factories spreading over China, some of them are big, some of them are small. The mold price is also different from each mold maker. An understanding of your China mold maker’s capabilities and market is essential to getting the right tool for the job. You have many ways to find your right injection mold maker suppliers.

Having a mold making supplies in the same facility has several advantages:

1, You are able to work with the same project manager “From product concept to manufacturing”, reducing lag time in communication between China injection mold manufacturer and injection molder.

2, The people building the plastic molds are the same people putting it into the part production. We know the part requirements and mold construction well.. We can give you the best the mold solution and injection molding process development.

3, Full services In-house plastic injection mold making enables us to reduce downtime and cost when problems arise in production, saving the lead time and money for you.