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Full Services Custom Plastic Molds Manufacturer in China

Stebro Mold is your professional custom plastic molds maker with in-house plastics injection molding capabilities in China. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality custom plastic molds and custom plastic injection molded parts for consumer industries, industrial industries, automotive industries, medical industries, electronic industries, agriculture and gardening industries. 

From the plastic product design, custom injection molds design and development stages through final delivery, Stebro Mold has ten years of experience and know how to develop the best custom plastic molds for your parts. The precision of custom injection molds is the key to the quality of the part. That’s why we build and test our plastic tooling to the most exacting quality standards. Whether you need a single prototype mold or high volume multi-cavity production injection plastic mold, we’ll turn it around quickly and accurately. When the right tooling decisions are made, production is optimized, costs are reduced, and quality and customer satisfaction are improved.

Custom Plastic Molds Design & Engineering

Mold design services include Part Design Optimization, Tooling Feasibility Studies (Design for Manufacturability), and Mold Analysis services.

Custom Injection Molds Manufacturing

Injection Mold Manufacturing for Low-Volume Injection Molding Prototype molds to High Volume Mass Production precision molds.

Custom Plastic Mold Maintenance & Repair

No matter where a mold was originally produced, Stebro Mold provides a wide range of injection mold maintenance and repair services.

Custom Injection Molds Tooling Transfer

Looking to transfer your injection molds to Stebro Mold? We offer free, in-depth evaluations of plastics tooling, molded parts, and injection molding process.

Custom Injection Molds Design for Manufacturability

Our goal is to make sure your mold is properly designed and constructed as we know our customers rely on us to provide quality solutions. We understand that mold design, mold material selection, and mold construction are essential to prudce quality molded parts. This is of particular importance with engineered and high-temperature materials. Our years of experience building molds for such applications will ensure a successful launch and continued quality production.

Each project begins with a detailed design for manufacturability (DFM) of injection molding report and is reviewed by the experienced toolmaker, mould designers, project manager, and injection molding process engineers. From this report, we will show our customer:

  • General Information about Part data such as Part dimension, part weight, plastic material
  • General Information about mold data including mold steel, mold shrinkage, feed system, gate type
  • Mould Layout and Mould Size
  • Gate Locations
  • Draft Angle Analysis
  • Wall Thickness Analysis, Thick Section, Thin Section, Ribs/Bosses to Wall Thickness Ratio
  • Parting lines
  • Lifters or slides
  • Warp Analysis
  • Weld Lines
  • Sink Areas
  • Surface Finish
  • Ejector Pin Locations
  • Tolerances
  • Shut-Off Conditions
  • Thin Tool Conditions

to understand your needs to create a mold that finds your need, you also can see how to optimize part design, our molding manufacturing solution and potentially problematic areas of your plastics parts to minimize tooling costs, reduce design changes, expedite the manufacturing process and ensure part quality.

Custom Injection Molds Manufacturing

Once the custom injection molds design has been approved, the injection mold making process begins. The elements of the custom injection molds making process change based on each client’s needs. Our experienced tool makers use Mikron high-speed CNC machines, Charmiles EDM machines, Sodick slow wire cut machines and Kent grinding machines to build custom injection molds that run automatically by the efficient design of ejection, cooling, and delegating systems. We take careful measures and the required steps to ensure your tooling produces high-quality components while maximizing the mould life.

CNC Manufacturing

Stebro Mold uses 4 vertical CNC machines throughout for a variety of applications from roughing, finish milling, and electrode manufacturing.Roughing is done on the KAFO machines. Finish milling is done on the Mikron machines, hard milling steel to HRC52. Electrode manufacturing is done on the RES.SEIKI machines with 3R fixture system.

EDM Manufacturing

Stebro Mold use 5 sets of EDM machines including 1 AgieCharmiles FORM 30. The Form 30 features the latest in no-flush EDM technology, user-friendly control and zero electrode wear combined with increased machining speed. All of our EDM machines are equipped with 3R system.

Slow Wire Cut Manufacturing

Stebro Mold uses 5 slow wire cut machines including 4 Sodick and 1 Qihong.

Precision Grinding

Stebro Mold uses 5 sets of Kent grinding machines to perform quality and accurate surface profiles.

Mold Polish

Mold Fitting and Mold Assembly

Custom Injection Molds for Various Industry

  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Medical disposable products
  • Automotive Industry
  • Building and Construction
  • Consumer industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical & Electronic
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Gardening industry
  • Maritime Industry
  • Industrial Equipment

Why Build your custom plastic molds at Stebro Mold

  • Free DFM and Moldflow Analysis at the quotation stage.
  • Quick response, cost estimation and manufacturing analysis for quick turn projects
  • Certified P20 Steel, H13 and stainless steels
  • Tooling weekly report every Monday
  • Quik Turnaround prototype molds
  • Using a proprietary mold base Stebro Mold can make prototype or production tooling a more cost-effective option.
  • Class 101 molds are our specialty. We build high-quality custom plastic molds that last, to avoid tooling and part issues during production.
  • In-house tooling trial capabilities ranging from 65 ton to 300 ton molding machine.

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Reliable Custom Injection Mold Manufacturer, High-Quality Products, Affordable Price, Fast Delivery, Free Technical Support, Class A services.

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