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If you or your company needs mold for plastic injection and injection molding service, turn to Stebro Mold Co.Ltd.  We work with a motive to provide high-quality products and services to our customers and aim for exceeding the customer’s expectations in terms of quality, pricing, and on-time delivery.

Our trained staff of experienced professionals works closely with the clients from designing the concept to building the prototype and to the production of the actual custom mold. With the use of computer-aided designs and the latest technology and equipment, we can provide our clients with a technically superior mold and assure every product’s success. Contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements with our experts!

Why choose Stebro Mold to avail the Injection Molding Service?

We serve different industries

For the past 10 years, Stebro Mold Co.Ltd has earned a prominent name as a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer in China.  The company specializes in mold production for different industries including electronics, automobiles, medical devices, and other items too. We possess different machinery and tools to meet the different needs of the clients.

We offer a variety of services

Being a full-stack plastic mold manufacturing company in China, we will take your concept from the initial prototype through production, delivery, and finishing. Considering the needs of the clients, we design and manufacture different kinds of plastic molds.

We also offer services like advising on rapid prototyping and complete product development including CNC prototyping, SLA plastic prototype, SLS plastic prototype, vacuum casting, and low volume injection molding. We hold experience and expertise in the field of plastic products engineering and two-component injection moldings of plastic.

Our services are affordable

Working with Stebro-mold is one step towards more financial savings in comparison to the western plastic injection or production. We offer a 10 % discount price along with fast delivery time, flexible payment, and trade terms.

We offer customized solutions

Stebro Mold offers precision services for injection molded parts to clients all around the world for application in different sectors. We can make injection molded parts for specific applications and can customize virtually all plastic components based on what you want and need.

We use several distinct molding techniques to produce plastic components. Such techniques include thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, thermoforming, and many others.

We guarantee customer satisfaction

Our services are entirely focused on fulfilling the needs of the customers.  Our services ensure quality control of the products by inspection and analysis procedures along with technical sales support to allow our customers to communicate with the experts through all stages of the project. 

We have the latest inspection equipment at hand to match the closest tolerance and thus we provide quality consistently. Our injection molding tools ensure that each plastic mold is of top-notch quality and is thoroughly inspected for defects in terms of dimensions and functionality.

As the premier plastic injection molding company in China, Stebro-Mold continues to provide its customers with products and services that meet and exceed expectations.  Reach out to us today at or contact us at +86-189-3820-2488!