Injection Moulding Products

If you are going or plan to produce the plastic products, there are several technologies for you to choose from. Among the sundry methods, injection moulding is the most popular way to manufacture high-quality and cost-effective injection moulding products.
Because it can produce the injection moulded products in large quantities ranging from thousands to millions. Since the products made by injection moulding are widely applicable, today let us get into detail understanding. This guide mainly introduces what products can be made from injection moulding and the benefits of injection moulding products.

Six Typical Examples of Plastic Products

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the most common products made by injection moulding. It costs billions to produce them each year. Such plastic products are available in varied shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, the plastic bottles for drinkable water and other liquids reserving consist of polyethylene terephthalate ( aka PET). It is reserved to mention that this kind of material features simultaneously the good qualities of solid and light.

Machinery and Automotive Components

Injection molding finds a wide range of applications in the following terms: bumpers, automotive interior parts, dashboards, radio controls, and many interior and exterior parts in other transportation vehicles. Generally speaking, these injection moulded parts are made of heat/cool molding, injection-compression molding technologies, and hard-coating technologies. Therefore, such injection moulded parts are strong enough in the exterior veneer against unexpected bump damage.

Electronic Housings

In addition to some large components of high sophistication and accuracy, injection moulding services also find wide applications in the electronic housings. Such relatively small injection moulding products come in the following types, such as, remote controls housing, computers, TV, consumer electronic parts, household containers, and drinkware. Moreover, once the injection mold has been developed and it can produce hundreds of thousands of injection moulding products. Once produced in large batches, the price of injection moulded products drops significantly.


In your home, there must be several pieces of toys, which may be your childhood entertainment items or your children’s. You know, these playing toys belong to the scope of injection moulding products. All such products made by injection moulding consist of a building material that is light, durable, and nontoxic. These injection moulded products are available in multiple sizes and colors and are capable of easily assembling in a precise way.

The well-known Mega Blocks brand of building block is made of stronger plastic granules. These plastic granules firstly got heated and secondly got processed in liquefication tube. And then, the substances from the above two processes are injected into metal molds for cooling and solidifies into a unique shape. But it is important that each injection moulding part is accurately molded so as to fit with each other perfectly. Such injection moulded products come in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes.

Agricultural Purpose

There is a trend that the plastic injection moulding products have taken the place of OEMs in the agricultural marketplace. Such injection moulded products are a low-cost alternative to metal parts commonly applicable throughout the whole agriculture industry. In the real environment, the injection moulded products assume higher resistance to adverse impacts, such as humidity, mold, heat. Moreover, the extreme qualities of plastic moulded parts are totally able to withstand extremely high or low temperatures. UV additives in the injection moulding products are especially significant in helping free plastic parts from unexpected weather interference or corrosive substances damage.

Healthcare Industry

In the scope of healthcare, there are thousands of plastic products or plastic moulded parts making by means of the injection moulding process. Taking the injection needle used in the hospital as an example, it is one of the injection moulded products. Since the number of patients seeking remedies is large every day, the healthcare industry needs a large number of same multi-purpose plastic injection moulding products. The majority of these injection moulding products are single-use or disposable items, which keep sterility or to inhibit the spread of virus or disease. Seeing from the above fact, injection moulded products are of great significance in helping the medical staff to get their jobs smoothly done.

Afer having knowledge of what products can be made from injection moulding, let’s get into the next part – the benefits of plastic products.

Benefits of Plastic Products

A Long Period of Time to Use and Reusable

Although the plastic parts consist of light materials, they don’t need to be used only for once or be disposable. Many products made by injection moulding enjoy a relatively long usage time, which is equal to or longer than what other materials offered. Let us look for an example, a refined PVC pipe in good condition is able of providing service for more than a century. Moreover, some practical materials, like construction plastic parts enjoy an average usage time of 35 years. All these plausible facts show that we can repeatedly use these plastic moulded parts instead of throwing them away. Over time, we can promote a lower waste rate effectively.

More Favorable Production Method

Although the plastic products involves a lot of fossil fuel consumption in the manufacturing process, it is still more environmentally friendly than other products. in the course of decomposing, some organic materials discharge harmful greenhouse gases, i.e. methane. When compared to CO2, methane causes more than 20 times of damages to the atmosphere. However, plastic products don’t release methane and other harmful gases. That means the plastics are more friendly both to our lifestyle and ecosystem.

Safe Transportation Way

Other than the low-cost, many manufacturers choose the plastic products for the reason that they can keep the product safe. For example, in an emergency, we need to offer aids to vulnerable populations all over the world. As sometimes the distance is long, the water or other valuable fluids are difficult to conserve in some containers. But, when you resort to using the plastic bottles, there is no need to worry about that the fluids would have a chemical reaction with the bottle. The plastic products are non-toxic and almost contain no harmful chemical substances. If a city gets trouble in a shortage of water when a natural disaster, the problem definitely comes to an end by using products made from injection moulding.

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