Plastic Molding Business: How to Start Plastic Molding?

In the past 20 years ago, if you have $30million, you may create a top injection molding business. While as the mergers, acquisitions, and growth of the molding company, $30 million just a number that was included of your molding cost. Although you can set up custom molding business with less than $1 million, it will very difficult to survival, unless you have a special capability to find a stand financial support with one or two customers.

It seems like more difficult to make an injection moulding business successful than past, while the international trade and international policy also provide chances to molding manufacturers.

This article will explain how to start plastic moulding business under the international trend, and provide some suggestions to choose credible molding partners.

What Is Plastic Moulding?

Injection moulding is a type of manufacturing, which can produce complex parts in huge quantity. In injection moulding, every part needs a mould to heat, shape and cooling materials for a special shape. In the injection moulding business, plastic moulding occupies a large place. It takes plastic material to produce various parts, and has a wide range of application. It can be used as medical components, mechanical and electrical parts, and it is also a common produce method in packaging.Therefore, if you want to set up a injection moulding business, plastic moulding is an important part you should consider.

Benefits of Plastic Moulding

  1. Injection moulding is less wasted than other produce method. Materials through the sprue, the runner, the gate finally reach the parts capacities. A moulding mould can be used many times since they were used, and scientific mould design will help moulding manufacturing reduce there moulding cost.
  2. There are many types of plastic and resin injection moulding materials, which have amazing strength, corrosion resistance and durability. More choice for you to set up injection moulding business.
  3. Multiple parts capacities allow moulding manufacturers produce many parts at one time. In other moulding process, produce multiple parts may needs more than one time.
  4. The moulding process can be designed to operate by human interaction with automation. This design will reduce the cost to produce parts individually as much as possible.

Drawback of Plastic Moulding

  1. Injection molding needs an expensive initial cost to create their business. The cost of making moulds, maintain moulds. And it can be controlled by choosing the suitable material for mould making. Such as, if your parts have low quality, your moulding mould would better take a softer die material to reduce the produce-time and cost.
  2. It is difficult to find moulding partner. Generally speaking, only specialists and experts can make moulds and design tools. They need master the moulding techniques to help them finish their work. Using computer software to design mould and tools, avoiding the moulding defects during the moulding process.
  3. Mould change need a large cost. Once a mould was made, the modification of mould is very cost, because it can not change a small place. Therefore, moulding design is very important for moulding manufacturers.

What Is Needed for An Plastic Molding Business?

As we talk at the begin, injection moulding industry is more competitive than past, if you want to create injection moulding business or plastic moulding business, there are some factors you should consider.

Find A Niche And Focus on It

As experience, the excellent moulding manufacturers can find the niche and keep focusing. For moulding producing, it can produce low-volume, high-dollors parts and high-volume, high-dollors parts, high-volume, low-dollors parts. Some people want to produce high-volume, high-dollors parts, such as dispose medical components such as injection syringes, which are produced and used in the millions daily. While other people may prefer high-volume, high-dollors parts. This kind of parts usually uses for some special usage objects meet tough cosmetic standard, such as medical transport box.

If you find the niche and keep focusing on it, your moulding may fit for not only one customer. More produce for common parts which have a wide range of application, may reduce the cost of making mould. While nowadays only produce the parts and deliver them to customers is not enough, many moulding manufacturers provide mould design, tooling assistance and other services for their customers

Scientific Plant Layout

If you want to set up plastic moulding business, you need an area to arrange the place for office, moulding or produce, secondary operation, quality control, storage of materials and a mould maintenance and repair.

According to the material is handled by manual or automatic pneumatic conveying systems, you can decide whether you need or not a cleanroom .


Warehousing is a hidden requirement for plastic moulding business. You need to storage the moulds not in use, and various of materials. Other place for the moulded parts that customers most likely request to be held, and other equipment which may be used during injection molding process.

Moulding Machine

Create plastic moulding business is also an investment. It is more than a purchase, you should calculate the cost of machine and the value that the machine will contribute to your overall operation. You should know the period of time when the moulding machine pay for itself. Nowadays, many moulding manufacturers pay their attention on the cost of moulds, while the machine cost is also huge part in injection moulding business.


In this article we answer how to start plastic moulding business. It is not only have a plastic moulding business ideas, having a plastic moulding business plan is also important. Finding a niche and focus on it, making scientific plant layout, preparing a warehousing, and regarding moulding machine as an investment, will help you win the plastic moulding business.

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