Plastic Prototype Manufacturers in China

The role of plastic prototype manufacturers is crucial to your plastic munufacturing process. The plastic prototype manufacturers with positive reputation serve as a safeguard of the plastic manufacturing process. Their contributions are crucial in producing specific plastic injection molding design to meet both you and the end-users’ expectations. However, not all plastic prototype manufacturers are reliable to manufacture high-quality goods as they first promised, which will let you and customers down and also suffer added costs and lost time.

If you want to boost your injection moulding process, you need to spend much time to make sure you’ve chosen a reliable one among the many plastic prototype manufacturers in China. You should take many factors into account from quality to budget, delivery date, and mode of transportation.

Good is good when it’s good. Here are 4 another top plastic prototype manufacturers in China collected through careful consideration, and we hope it will be helpful for you to make a decision.

JINGXIN® Precision Machinary Co., LTD.

If you are looking for a suitable one among many plastic prototype manufacturers for a long cooperation, then JINGXIN® Precision Machinary Co., LTD.will be a preference for you.

Founded in 2003, JINGXIN® Machinery Co., LTD. sports a high reputation in the plastic manufacturing process industry. Specialized in plastic injection molding design, this company offers one-stop services of custom manufacturing and rapid prototyping. It has been cooperating with many renowned import traders across the world. Its distinguished clients come from many areas, including the Mid-east countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the USA, etc.

Advantage & Benefits:

  • It boasts 50,000+ square meters owned industry park with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certification.
  • 150+ skilled workers inside, including 20+ experienced engineers, as well as well-trained international sales staff. All of your project’s details and questions can be professionally feedback in the fatest speed. Up to now, it has been paying great attention to the plastic material selection and can offer the reasonable custom injection molding cost.
  • Offering CNC rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding design service, CNC machining service, vacuum casting, plastic injection molding and tooling, sheet metal fabrication, etc.
  • Short-run production or 10000+ production. Applications include parts for Auto parts, medical, industry. Typical tolerance range from +/- 0.01mm-0.05mm; The Fast lead time within 10-15 working days.

TEAM Rapid Manufacturing Co., LTD.

Established in Hong Kong, the factory of TEAM Rapid Manufacturing Co., LTD. is located in Zhongshan China, only 2 hours from Hong Kong. It is a company specialized in rapid prototyping, CNC Machining, Rapid Injection Molding, and other low volume manufacturing needs. It also has good experience to manufacture various types of plastic moulds in accordance with the client’s different needs. In the manufacturing process, it has a strict inspection system in its factory to ensure the smooth injection moulding step by step.

Plus, it makes great efforts to prohibit poor products to leave the factory. Since its foundation,TEAM Rapid Manufacturing Co., LTD.has been spending a lot of time figuring out the demands of their clients and end-users, so it has rich experience in the adopting of plastic molding technology to do the plastic injection molding design.

Advantage & Benefits:

  • It boasts 20,000 square feet facilities provide a workplace for over 40 employees that includes 2 independent factories of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid tooling.
  • The engineers, project managers are very familiar with Asian and western business cultures. It has solid engineering background and help lots of customers from all over the world to launch products to market successfully and quickly. Its customers are from automotive, medical devices, communication products, office equipments, electrical appliances, sanitary products in China, USA, UK, France, Germany.
  • It services cover rapid prototyping, precision CNC machining, rapid tooling, injection mold tooling, pressure die casting, and sheet metal fabrication.
  • The inspection points are comprehensive, and include: FQC: The ultimate quality control; IQC: Material quality control; IPQC: Quality control of the process from the production to packaging; OQC: Quality control of the shipment; QE: seeks to test, control and improve the product quality.

Star Rapid Manufacturing Co., LTD.

Founded by Gordon Styles, Star Prototype registered in Hong Kong as a start-up with just an $8,000 USD initial investment. In five years, Star went from opening their factory with 50 employees, to booking sales of $14M USD, with 186 employees, 21 CNC machines in a factory space of 42,000 ft2. Currently, it employs over 250 people and have experts all over the globe to ensure customers receive great service every time.

It has the great visions as following: Earn respect by fulfilling our promises; Deliver solutions with lean and agile processes; Create an environment of continuous improvement; Lead the way in intelligent manufacturing; Invest in advanced technology and talent.

Advantage & Benefits:

  • Its services cover a large range, including manufacturing, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, plastic injection molding, CNC machining, vacuum casting, pressure die casting, metal 3D printing, finishing services, aluminum ectrusion, and quality inspection.
  • Its project managers has may years of experience in working with a range of product developers, product designers, entrepreneurs and engineers from all over the world. Its professional team can help you make high-quality parts and products.
  • It is certified and compliant with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001: 2015. These ISO standards specify the management requirements for quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection. Its most recent certification is ISO 13485: 2016.
  • In order to provide an accurate and timely quote, it only accept 3D CAD files in STL, STEP or IGES format. 2D drawings with reference dimensions must be in PDF format. It must receive complete manufacturing information as part of this technical documentation. Informal communication via SMS, Skype, email, etc., will not be considered as admissible for manufacturing purposes.

Nextproto Manufacturing Co., LTD.

Nextproto Manufacturing Co., LTD. is a low volume manufacturing and prototyping company in China. Its factory falls on Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, which is honorlly named by “the father of our nation” Sun Yat-sen. Plus, it is very close to Hong Kong international airport.

Incorporated since 2015, it has enlarged our size from 2 people with a small office into now a 50 employees with an over 3500 square meters machine shop. Making customer’s ideas into a reality adopting the best injection moulding plastic materials and plastic molding technology. Remarkably, it will assign each customer with an English speaking project manager(young sales engineer with English or mechanic Bachelor’s degree).

Advantage & Benefits:

  • Nextproto manufacturing Co., LTD. odders rapid prototyping & low-volume manufacturing services, including CNC prototyping, SLA and SLS, Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Investment Casting, Injection Molding and more.
  • On time delivery the first time, and every time(ship at least 1 day ahead deadline). Ensuring all parts delivered to you are 100% thoroughly inspected using coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and other advanced inspection tools.
  • Its typical lead time for a prototype project is 7 days or less. SLA parts can be done within 2 days and then shipped. If you are looking for 1000+ CNC machined parts, it roughly need about 2 weeks to complete the project. All orders will be shipped using TNT or DHL. It will take about 2 days for shipments.
  • The tolerance is ISO DIN 2768F for metal parts and 2768M for plastic parts. It can achieve +/-0.02mm or even tighter tolerance for CNC machined parts if required.

WeiKe Rapid Prototyping Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, WeiKe Rapid Prototyping Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most specialized plastic prototype manufacturers in China for high-end prototype and low-volume production. Its business services cover a wide range, such as CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Tooling, Sheet Metal Processing, With innovative service and highly skilled workforce, it maintains a competitive edge.

It aims to continuously offer affordable high-quality prototypes and custom low-volume products for production intent. Upholding the principle of benefiting customers, it can provide cost-effective solution.

Advantage & Benefits:

  • WayKen is capable of providing the rapid tooling of both aluminum and steel and low volume injection molding to turnaround your special material parts within 2-5 weeks. This can ensure a smooth transition from real prototypes to the high-quality plastic parts.
  • It offers a wide variety of injection moulding plastic materials to facilitate the creation of urethane casting parts for market testing or pre-production evaluation.
  • With much improvement in mold designing and machining, its aluminum molds have far exceeded the tool lifespan as expected. Plus, aluminum moulds are easier to manufacture than steel tooling. Therefore, the iterative design changes or creating modifications are typically less burdensome and more cost-effective.
  • It takes a proactive approach to ensure the quality of plastic parts. It can give cost-effective and rationalized advices from plastic injection molding design to injection moulding plastic materials and production processes.

The above are the 4 plastic prototype manufacturers in China that we have carefully selected. They have their own advantages in product quality, design, and price. I hope it will be useful to you. Moreover, If you want to learn more like types of plastic moulds, how is the injection moulding step by step, custom injection molding cost. You can reach us at any time.

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