Vertical injection molding

Vertical Injection Molding Services:

In addition to have Engel Horizontal Injection Molding machines, Stebro Mold also has Engel vertical Injection Molding machines for Insert injection molded parts production. With a rotating platen on the “B-half” of the tool that spins around 180⁰, this machine can utilize two “B-half’s”, allowing for more parts to be created more efficiently. Vertical Injection molding is more flexible in terms of efficient production cycles, cost and types of products it can handle.


Advantages of Vertical Injection Molding:

  • The parts can easily be placed in the mold quickly and comfortably without having to worry about the insert becoming misaligned.

  • Gravity dislocation is eliminated due to the vertical injection machine mold alignment. Molds are aligned and supported in the vertical machine with more durability.

  • Equipped with rotating table top and sliding table top, it is easy to realize insert molding and in-mold combination molding.

  • Quicker yields with one cavity side, two core sides and rotary tables.


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