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Taking Your Idea From Design to Delivery, All Under One Roof

Looking for a Plastic Mold Manufacturer partner that can turn your design into a real product? Stebro Mold is an ISO 9001:2015 certified full-service plastic mold manufacturer and injection molding company in China.You can get a turnkey manufacturing solution, including plastic part design, CNC prototype, mold design, mold manufacturing, plastic injection moulding, and contract assembly from us.

We make high-quality injection molds and plastic components for a diverse group of industries, including Outdoor Power Equipment, Automotive, Medical, consumer products, industrial products, Electrical, and Electronics products.

Choosing Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Greater cost savings can be realized simply from streamlining the supply chain through a successful relationship with the right injection moulding company. Choosing Stebro Plastic Mold Manufacturer will help you shorten the product development cycle, and get your plastic products on the market faster. Our goal is to be your partner. If you are successful, we are successful.


Product Design & Engineering

Stebro Mold works with you to optimize the part design and product development for Injection Molding. We help you to check the part design carefully to maximize the manufacturability of your products, saving you time and cost in plastic design, tooling, Injection molding and part assembly.

1, Plastic Part Design & Development
2, 2D & 3D Part Design
3, Reverse engineering according to the samples
4, Material Selection
5, Design for Manufacturability

Prototype Manufacturing

Without the need to build a mold, rapid prototyping creates parts in a much quicker time frame and at lower prices, saving clients’ money and time. Stebro Mold provides rapid prototyping services and complete product development.

1, CNC machining on the metal part
2, CNC machining on the plastic part
3, SLA plastic prototype
4, SLS plastic prototype
5, Vacuum Casting

PEI Injection Molding
Mold Manufacturing

Stebro Mold specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality injection mold for export. Whether it is a simple single cavity pre-hard prototype mold or complex multi-cavity high volume class “A” production molds, we have the right solution for you.

1, 2D & 3D Mold Design
2, Mold Flow Analysis
3, Mold Changes, Maintenance & Repair
4, Tooling transfer
5, Mold manufacturing

Over Mold
Gas-Assist Mold
Unscrewing Mold
Prototype Mold
Hot Runner Mold
MUD-Insert Mold
High Quality Mass Production Mold

Stebro Mold is a full-service custom injection molding company capable of providing virtually any service your project requires from the design concept to finished product. Whether you just need a small number of plastic parts or prototype parts to test the assembly or function, we have an excellent solution for you.

Rapid Tooling

Why Choose Stebro Mold For Plastic Mold Manufacturer

Full Services Partner
Turnkey Manufacturing Solution
Fast Time to Market
Lifetime Guarantee On All Molds
Affordable Price, No Hidden Charges
Quality Control In Manufacturing

Industries we Service:

Stebro Mold Serve many customers from a variety of industries – all with diverse needs and expectations – and we find solutions.

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Best Services i got.
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
It is one of the best Plastic Mold Manufacturer company
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic