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Looking for reliable Injection mold for your next project? Stebro Mold specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality production molds, prototype molds, unscrewing molds, collapsible core molds, molds requiring multiple slides and lifters, 2K molds, insert molds, and over molds for OEMs and plastic injection molding companies.

The entire development process from the initial design meeting to the delivery of your finished mold relies on meticulous engineering and planning. We do not just take a customer’s product drawing or 3D part design verbatim and build a mold. Our responsibility is to take ownership of that mold, so we have to critique it, go through our customer’s requirements, and obviously make suggestions if we see potential issues or if we can make enhancements.
We do a lot of parts sampling, troubleshooting and mold validation. When we build new molds, we want to ensure that they go to our customer’s facilities without any issues for a smooth transition to production. Validation services can include PPAP, first article inspection, design of experiments, IQ/OQ/PQ process validations, factory acceptance tests, and more. 
Contact us for your next plastic injection mold project. Our promise to you is optimized cycles, quality parts, and low maintenance!!!

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Basic Mould Knowleage

What is Injection Mold?

It is a tool used in manufacturing to create plastic parts by injecting molten plastic into a mold cavity under high pressure. Once the plastic cools and solidifies, the mold is opened, and the finished part is ejected.

Injection Mould Manufacturing processes step by step

  1. Product development and optimize
  2. Prototype to check the part
  3. Mold Design
  4. Moldflow to optimize the mold design
  5. Order the steel, Moldbase, and mold component
  6. Gun drilling for the cooling line
  7. CNC rough manufacturing on the cavity and core inserts, slides, and lifters
  8. Heat Treatment
  9. CNC fine manufacturing the cavity and core inserts, slides, and lifters 
  10. EDM manufacturing
  11. Wire Cut manufacturing
  12. Fitting the mold
  13. Polish
  14. Assemble the mold
  15. Mold test
  16. Sample checking
  17. Mold improvement


  • Automation and high production rate
  • Material and color Versatility
  • Plastic material can be recycled, and minimal waste
  • Consistent quality and high tolerance precision
  • Flexibility design, Parts can be complex shapes


  • Initial tooling cost is high
  • Limited flexibility after the mold is done
  • Long lead time

Design key consideration

  • Uniform wall thickness 
  • Draft angle optimization
  • Cavity number based on part volume
  • Steel material selection based on the plastic material, surface requirement, and part volume
  • Gate system
  • Efficient cooling design
  • Venting and ejection system
  • Easy Mold Maintenance

Manfaucturing Tolerance

The manufacturing tolerance for injection molds can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the mould design and the materials used. However, in general, the tolerance for injection molds is typically within +/- 0.005 inches or +/- 0.01 mm.

It’s important to note that some features of the mold may require tighter tolerances, particularly if they are critical to the function of the final product.

In addition to manufacturing tolerances, it’s also important to consider the tolerance of the final product. This refers to the allowable deviation in the dimensions and features of the plastic parts produced from the mold. Understanding and controlling both the mold manufacturing tolerance and the part tolerance is crucial in ensuring high-quality parts.

Injection Mould Surface finish

SPI Mold Surface Finishes

Plastic Injection Molds Cost

Tooling cost = Mold design cost + Steel material cost + mold base cost + mold components cost + Manufacturing cost + Mold Trial + Delivery cost

Application industry

Plastic Mould Making Equipment

The process of making plastic moulds requires specialized equipment and machinery to produce molds that meet the required specifications. Some of the key equipment used in plastic injection mould making include:

  • Gun Drilling Machine
  • CNC Machine
  • EDM Machine
  • Wire Cut Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Mold fitting Machine