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Stebro Mold is a professional two-shot injection molding supplier in China, we use the Engel multi-shot injection molding machine to produce high-quality 2K plastic components. You won’t have to contact multiple providers when you work with us. You can have the advantage of a single-source plastics provider from idea to shelf.

Our services include:

  • 2D & 3D product design and optimization
  • The material selection
  • Rapid prototyping services
  • Cost-effective 2K mold solution
  • Mold Flow Analysis to optimize the mold design
  • In-house 2K mold manufacturing, tooling transfer, mold change, and maintenance
  • 2K mold trial
  • Pre-production runs and mass production
  • Part Assembly

We’re here to make sure your projects are a success! With our help, you’ll get 2K injection molded parts done correctly from the start, within your budget, and on time.

A Modern and Well-equipped Facility, One-Stop All-in-one Plastic Injection Molding Factory for Your Custom Needs.

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Basic Two-Shot Molding Knowledge

What is 2K Injection Moulding?

2K Injection Molding, also known as “two-shot”, double shot, Multi-color, or double injection molding, is a process in which two different materials are molded together in a single production cycle. The 2K injection molding process involves a primary and a second injection unit, each of which injects a different material into the mold. The multi-materials are combined to form a single part with different physical or aesthetic properties.

Two-shot Molding Advantages

  • Improve the touch feel
  • Expanded design possibilities
  • High precision, stable production quality and high efficiency
  • Enhanced tactile and cosmetic product features
  • Reduce assembly time and cost savings compared to 1K molding

Two-shot Molding Disadvantages

  • The combination of 2 plastic materials must be good
  • 2K mold and molding costs more but saves on assembly costs

2K Molding Application

  • Enhance cosmetics features, permanent graphics through the use of additional colored resins
  • Soft-Touch enhancements, combining thermoplastics and silicone in one component, such as hand tools, writing instruments, and toothbrushes

Main considerations in designing 2K molding product

  • Plastic material selection ensures that the two materials can be used together and bonded well.
  • Check the part geometry, wall thickness, draft angle, and so on.

Key considerations in 2K Mold Design

  1. Shrinkage factor for both materials
  2. 2K molding machine specification
  3. Check part geometry, wall thickness, draft angle, and parting line
  4. Number of cavities in the mold
  5. Feeding systems, runner, and gate
  6. Cooling, Ejection, and venting system in the mold

2K Injection Molding Cost

2K plastic component cost=raw material cost + molding cost
There are some ways to lower the cost:

  • Reduce the material cost
  • Optimize the mold design to shorten the molding cycle
  • Increase the cavity number in the mold.
  • Working with a full-service 2K injection molding company

Two-Shot Molding Machine

  1. Horizontal 2K Molding Machine
  2. Vertical 2K Molding Machine
  3. Rotary 2K Molding Machine
  4. Shuttle 2K Molding Machine
  5. Multi-component 2K Molding Machine

2K injection Molding Material

In double-shot molding, two different materials are used to create a final product. The materials used can vary depending on the product’s requirements. Common materials used in 2K injection molding include:

Thermoplastics: PC+ABS, ABS, PA, and PC are some of the thermoplastics used in 2K injection molding.

Elastomers: Soft plastics such as TPE, TPV, and TPU are used in two-shot molding to provide elasticity and flexibility to the final product.

The choice of material depends on the desired properties of the final product, such as strength, flexibility, transparency, and heat resistance.

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