Mold Maintenance and Repair Services in China

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Injection Mold Maintenance and Repair

Stebro Mold specializes in top-tier plastic injection mold services, including repair, maintenance, and building new molds. Our advanced facilities handle everything from routine upkeep to fixing severely damaged molds.

For molds we produce, if your production is in China, we offer free maintenance and repair. If you transfer molds from another supplier, we’ll inspect them thoroughly and provide a detailed report. Our goal is to keep your molds in optimal condition, ensuring they meet your manufacturing needs efficiently and reliably.

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Injection Mold Repair Service

  • Mold Repair for the Parting lines, gate, Ejection systems, and Cooling system
  • Molding surface repair such as mold texture, high gloss polish, or coating
  • Cavity, core, lifters, slides, and broken inserts repair or replace if needed
  • Mold components replacement
  • Plastic tooling Refurbishment
  • Acid wash & clean waterlines
  • Hot Manifold testing

Injection Mold Maintenance Service and Process

Mold maintenance Process

  • Clean the cooling system after downloading the mold from the molding machine
  • Complete mold disassembly by a skilled mold maker
  • All components must be cleaned and checked for wear. If there is any wear, it must be repaired or replaced.
  • Clean and check all the molding area surfaces such as texture, polish, and coating as required to the original surface requirements.
  • Check the injection system such as the gate
  • Apply new lubricant to all necessary components
  • Check the venting system
  • Check the cooling system such as the O-rings, internal plugs, seals, and entire water cooling for flow and adequate flow.
  • Replace damaged or over-compressed mold springs
  • Check all moving components such as slides, lifters, and ejector pins for ease of movement.
  • Inspect all plated surfaces for wear.
  • Inspect mold for cracks that would lead to potential tool failure during production
  • Assemble the mold by a skilled mold maker. Checking the cooling and ejection system again

Plastic tooling maintenance levels:

  • Preventative maintenance: Every day, and every time the mold is pulled from production or put back into production
  • Inspection: Every 20,000 cycles
  • Maintenance: Every 100,000 cycles
  • Major Maintenance: Every 250,000 cycles

Why Stebro Mold for Tooling Maintenance and Repair

At Stebro Mold, we understand that, when repaired, injection molds need to meet the same exacting standards to which they were manufactured. Our mold maintenance provides considerable improvement in the efficiency of mold conditions. We also know that time is of the essence. This is why we offer quick turnaround emergency mold repair and maintenance.

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