Low Volume Production Mold and Bridge Tooling Solutions for Your Small Batch Injection Molding Needs

High-Quality, Cost-Effective low volume injection mold Manufacturing Solution for Short Production Runs

Low Volume Production Mold Manufacturing as fast as 10 working days.

one-stop solution for low volume production molds and short run injection molding services

Are you seeking a reliable, cost-effective solution for your Low volume production mold needs? Stebro Mold is here for you, providing top-tier low volume injection mold manufacturing and short-run injection molding services in China. Our unmatched expertise and dedication ensure that your project timelines and budget constraints are met without compromising on quality.

Our services include:

  • 2D & 3D product development and optimization
  • Plastic and Steel material selection
  • 3D printing & CNC machining prototype
  • Quick turn injection molds, rapid tooling services, pilot production molds, MUD Insert mold manufacturing, custom mold production, on-demand mold manufacturing
  • Low volume mold manufacturing, short run mold manufacturing, mold change, mold maintenance and tooling transfer
  • Low run plastic injection mold trial
  • Low volume and bridge tooling injection molding production
  • Secondary services include surface finishing, assembly, and packaging

Our low volume production injection molding service is your perfect solution to bridge the gap between prototyping and high volume manufacturing. By reducing the cost of injection molding for small production runs, you’re empowered to manage your supply chain more efficiently. This approach enables you to test, validate, and adapt your product designs to meet market demands, eliminating the high costs associated with traditional manufacturing.

Contact Stebro Mold today to discuss your specific low volume production mold or bridge tooling needs. Your excellence in low volume injection molding starts with us.

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Why Stebro Mold for low volume mold making

When it comes to your tooling, it is the details that matter.

What is Low Volume Production mold?

It also called low quantity mold production, limited production molds or short production run molds. It is a type of injection molding tool used to produce small quantities of injection molded parts. 

The production run can range from a few hundred to a few thousand parts. They are ideal for prototyping, market testing, and small-scale manufacturing scenarios.

Low Volume Production mold Advantages

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Design flexibility
  • Market testing and validation
  • Customization

low Volume production Mold Application Examples

We offer comprehensive low volume injection mold tooling services for a wide range of industries. 

  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer products

Low Volume Injection Mold Design Guidelines

Designing low volume injection molds requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure successful production runs and high-quality parts. Here are some detailed guidelines for low volume injection mold design:

  1.  Material selection: As the volume is low, normally we use Aluminium or pre-hardened steel.
  2. Simplify part geometry: To reduce tooling costs and complexity, do your best to remove the undercut.
  3. Draft angles: Incorporate draft angles in your part design to facilitate easier ejection from the mold and minimize part damage. 
  4. Uniform wall thickness: Maintain uniform wall thickness throughout the part design.
  5. Ribs and gussets: To maintain strength and rigidity without increasing wall thickness, incorporate ribs and gussets in the part design. 
  6. Radii and fillets: Add radii and fillets to sharp corners and edges to improve part strength, reduce stress concentration, and facilitate smoother material flow during the injection molding process.
  7. Gate and runner design: Optimize gate size, location, and type to ensure proper filling of the mold cavity.
  8. Venting: Proper venting is crucial to prevent gas entrapment, burn marks, and short shots. Incorporate vents at the end of the flow path and any areas where gas may be trapped.
  9. Ejection system: Design an effective ejection system to minimize part damage and ensure smooth, efficient part removal from the mold. 
  10. Mold cooling: Uniform and efficient cooling system can reduce cycle times, minimize part defects, and ensure consistent part quality.
Follow these low volume tooling design guidelines to create efficient and cost-effective low run plastic molds. This will help produce high-quality parts and minimize potential defects. Work with a full services injection molder to get the best possible results for your short run plastic injection molding project.

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