ISO 9001:2000 certification is just the start. A comprehensive quality assurance system guarantees that only defect-free parts and components are delivered to you.

This includes the following:
·   Tool design verification and validation
·    Incoming material inspection
(this includes the steel hardness & certification, standard components and etc)                                                                                                                    
·    In –process inspection
(all electrodes, inserts and accessories)
·    Tool trial samples inspection
(ISIR report will be sent together with the samples)
·    Final evaluation and inspection before delivery 
Quality goals:
·   Tool trial date to be 99% on time, delay of the T1 date no longer than 3 working days
·   Customer complaints to be less than 2 times per month, all complaints to be investigated and replied with 12 hours.
·   Customer's ratio of satisfaction of the tools to be over 98%.



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