How To Find A Good Plastic Injection Molding Company In China?

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Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality plastic injection molding company in China?  There are lots of injection moulding companies in China. But it is a challenge to find the right injection molder in China, especially if you’re new to the industry. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding a good plastic injection molding company in China.

Understanding the Plastic Injection Molding Company in China

The injection molding company in China is one of the largest in the world. There are a huge number of injection molding manufacturers located in Guangdong province, as well as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai city. Many injection molding companies in these areas export injection molds and plastic parts to the United States, Europe, and other countries.

Chinese injection molding industry faces some challenges, such as increasing labor costs, stricter environmental regulations, and rising competition from other countries. However, the industry continues to grow and adapt to these challenges through innovation, efficiency, and collaboration.

China’s injection molding industry still provides great opportunities for businesses seeking to produce high-quality parts at a competitive price point.

Identifying Your Requirements For The Plastic Injection Moulding Project

Specify your plastic injection molded part requirements, including the plastic material, tolerance, surface finish, and any special features or functions needed.

Specify the production volume and MOQ. Whether it’s a low-volume injection molding or mass production, injection molders will provide you with the best tooling and injection molding solution.

Identify any quality standards or certifications if you needed, ISO 13485 for the Medical Industry, TS16949 for the Automotive Industry.

If your target price for your injection molding project is low, tell the injection molder your price directly. They will find a way to meet your price.

Researching Injection Molders in China

Use search engine such as google, yahoo, or bing to search for plastic injection molding companies in China.

Use online directories such as Global Sources, Made in China or Linkedin to search for plastic injection molding companies in China. These directories allow you to filter your search by location, company size and industry focus.

Attend injection molding industry trade shows in China such as Chinaplas. You can contact with potential suppliers and learn about the latest industry trends and technologies.

You can contact China Plastics Processing Industry Association to know more information about plastic injection molding companies in China.

Visit plastic injection molding companies’s website to learn more about their capabilities, experience, and certifications. Look for customer comments and case studies to get an idea of their performance and quality.

Requesting for Quotes

Contact the potential suppliers, send them the RFQ with your requirements, evaluate their responses and review the quotation sheet. Then select the two suppliers that best fit your needs for further technical communication.

Visiting the Factory

There are several key factors to pay attention to during your visit at plastic injection molding company in China.

Quality Control: Observe the company’s quality control procedures to ensure that they meet your quality standards. Pay attention to how the company handles rejected parts, how they track defects, and how they ensure consistency in production.

Equipment and Technology: Observe the company’s injection molding machines and other equipment to ensure that they are modern and well-maintained. Inquire about the company’s technological capabilities, such as their CAD/CAM software and automation systems.

Facility conditions: Observe the company’s facility conditions to ensure they meet the 7S principles

Manufacturing Processes: Observe the company’s manufacturing processes to ensure that they are efficient and effective. Pay attention to how the company manages inventory, how they handle tooling, and how they manage production schedules.

Workforce and Management: Observe the company’s workforce and management to ensure that they are skilled, experienced, and well-trained. Inquire about the company’s hiring practices, training programs, and management structure.


More and more Chinese injection molding companies can speak good English now. They are able to provide exceptional customer service and communication from the initial RFQ to the final delivery.

Quality Control

Incoming Material Inspection: Inspection of raw materials such as plastic resin, colorants, and additives to ensure they meet the required specifications.

In-process Inspection: Inspection of the injection molding process to ensure that the parts being produced meet the required quality standards. This may include dimensional measurements and surface finish inspections.

Final Inspection: Inspection of the finished injection molded parts to ensure that they meet the required quality standards before shipment. This may include visual inspections, dimensional measurements, and functional testing.

Intellectual Property Protection

You must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before sending out the request for quotation. It’s important to work with a reputable company that respects and safeguards their customers’ intellectual property rights.

Tooling and Plastic Molding Production Capacity

The following factors can impact the production capacity and efficiency of an plastic injection molding company:

Injection molding machines and Automation Equipment:

  • The number and types of machines
  • Clamping force, injection pressure, and shot size
  • Having a robot and auto feeding system to reduce labor costs

Plastic and Mold Engineering:

  • In-house 3D printing or CNC machining on the plastic prototypes to check the part function and assembly
  • Mold design optimization to short the cycle times

In-house tooling manufacturing:

  • Provides more control, faster turnaround times, and greater flexibility in responding to client requests
  • Reduces risks of delays or quality issues from external suppliers
  • Allows for optimization of tooling design for efficient and cost-effective production


The size and skill level of the workforce can affect the ability to manage multiple projects and meet production demands

Raw materials:

The availability of plastic resin and colorants can impact the ability to produce parts in large volumes

Quality control measures:

The level of measures implemented can affect the ability to produce high-quality parts consistently and efficiently.


Price is an important consideration when working on a plastic injection molding company. The initial cost of the tooling is high. You can compare the price from different suppliers. Ask them if they can help you to optimize the part design and mold design to lower the cost.

Lead Times

Lead time mainly depends on part complexity, tooling manufacturing, production volume, plastic raw material availability, master color availability and production capacity.

Payment Terms

The payment for tooling is typically divided into three installments. 40% with the purchase order, 30% after the first mold test, and the remaining 30% after confirming the samples.

The payment for plastic parts is typically divided into two installments. 50% with the purchase order and the remaining 50% before delivery of the parts.

The payment terms is negotiable in all injection molding companies.

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